a) The General Conditions governing the service of assistance provided by the INSURER, by itself or through contracted providers, during trips made by the Insured Holder or traveler, to the extent that services are defined and up to the limits and characteristics that are reported in coverage chart.

b) It is expressly stated, and it is accepted by the Insured Holder, that the services provided do not constitute medical or any other insurance nor an extension or subtitute for social security programs or HMOs. The services provided here are exclusively oriented toward travel assistance in case of acute illness and / or sudden and unforeseen events that prevent the normal continuation.

c) Pre-existing conditions are not covered.


For the purposes of this Attachment will be understood by:

Insured Holder: Person (s) recipient (s) of the contracted services with the INSURER and whose particulars are given in the application. When it comes to groups or families, the benefits individually correspond to each of its members. The word traveler can also be used as a synonym for Insured Holder.

Policy: The document issued to the Insured Holder, which specifies the plan purchased and its corresponding coverage, determines the conditions under which the contracting parties have agreed to meet their obligations and that contains the name, age, address or Insured Holder or traveler, validity of the provision, trip duration, date of issue and the name of the travel agency or issuer.

Travel: Defined as such, the path comprising between the departure of the Insured Holder or traveler and their country of habitual residence, temporarily because of pleasure, business or study until their return back to their country of habitual residence, where the policy was issued.

Usual Place of Residence: City where the Insured Holder or traveler habitually resides, unless expressly provided that the particular or special conditions indication must necessarily be out of the Dominican Republic, and the urgent repatriation and expected returns will be made.

Hired Plan: Refers to all coverage the Insured Holder or traveler has chosen and contained in the policy.

Disease: Any alteration of health (illness, condition or disease) suffered by the Insured Holder or traveler suddenly, as they manifest after the start of the trip, which diagnosis and confirmation is performed by a physician legally recognized over the life of the policy and that does not fall within the following two groups:

Congenital disease: That which exists at birth as a result of hereditary factors or conditions acquired during pregnancy.

Pre-existing condition: The one suffered by the Insured Holder or traveler prior to the date of contracting the policy, known or unknown to the Insured Holder or traveler, as well as the one subsequently revealed even though ts development has required a period of incubation, formation or evolution within the body of the Insured Holder or traveler, prior to the start date of validity of the policy, as well as those incurred during the term of a previous policy.

Serious illness: Alteration of health involving hospitalization and, in the opinion of the medical team of the INSURER, prevents initiation of travel by the Insured Holder or traveler or its continuation on schedule or the risk of death.

Fortuitous: Common or harmful event, which happens by chance, unable to impute any source.

Acute Disease: short and relatively severe process of altered state of the body or any of its organs, which may disrupt or alter the balance of vital functions and can cause pain, weakness or other strange manifestation of the normal behavior of the same.

Accident: Bodily injury resulting from a violent, sudden, unexpected, external cause and beyond the control of the Insured Holder or traveler, threatening its integrity and health, that occurs within the lifetime of the policy taken and always during the course of the trip.

Are also considered as accidents:

Asphyxiation by ingestion of liquid or solid non-food materials.

Injuries resulting from surgery or medical treatment caused by an accident covered by the policy.

Medical Emergency: Pathological condition of sudden nature that requires immediate attention.

Osteosynthesis material: metal parts or elements or of any other kind used for connecting the ends of a fractured bone, joint or welding ends, surgically and which may be reusable.

Orthopedic or orthotic Material: anatomical parts or elements of any kind used to prevent or correct temporary or permanent deformations of the body (canes, cervical collar, wheelchair).

Prosthesis: An item of any kind, replacing, temporarily or permanently, the absence of an organ, tissue, organic fluid, member or part of any of these. For example, are within this consideration the mechanical or biological elements such as heart valve replacements, joint replacements, synthetic leather, intraocular lenses, biological materials (cornea), fluids, gels and liquids synthetic or semi-synthetic substitutes humors or organic liquids, drug reservoirs, oxygen system vendors, etc.

Coverage Chart: Detail of the offerings in each plan, indicating an exhaustive list of them and their monetary, quantitative, geographical and age limits for the Insured Holder or traveler. The chart is printed in the policy and an inseparable part of it. The benefits which apply are only those explicitly stated in the chart of benefits for each plan, with the indicated scope and limits.


The policy is personal and is not transferable and benefits the Insured Holder or traveler, who, to receive the assistance services included herein shall, in all cases, show the same, along with the Official passport or documents which have enabled to enter the country where services will be used, tickets and / or any other documents establishing identity and the start and end dates of the trip. There will be no right to use the services indicated in the policy in case of illegal entry and / or illegal stay of the Insured Holder or traveler in the country where the services are performed.

It will be essential for the validity of the policy that the Insured Holder or the Insured traveler has hired the same before the start of the trip. THE INSURER may require the Insured Holder or traveler all necessary documentation to substantiate this fact. The refusal by the Insured Holder or traveler to submit such documentation, releases the INSURER from any provision of services.


The coverage referred to in the policy will extend to all the Dominican territory so long as the permanence of the Insured Holder or traveler, for trip purposes, does not exceed the contracted term.


The rights granted by this policy may be used during the contracted term, 24 hours a day and during the course of the journey up to the indicated limits, according to the contracted plan. The following describes, in general, the various services offered by THE INSURER, as well as the characteristics and conditions of use of each. To avail these benefits, the Insured Holder or traveler must take into account, in addition to the General Conditions, the Special Conditions and exclusions of the policy. The maximum amount of medical expenses for all services detailed below have a limit for all events of TEN THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS (US$10,000.00).



THE INSURER will provide medical assistance during the journey to the Insured Holder or traveler, for accident or illness occurring during the term of the policy, being in charge of organizing and assuming the expenses incurred for such assistance. The Insured Holder or passenger may use the following coverage:

a) Care in office or temporary domicile to address emergency situations in case of acute illness or accident,. THE INSURER shall bear the costs of medicines and medical fees arising from sending a doctor from the helpdesk to the temporary domicile of the Insured Holder or traveler or if its required that helpdesk forward it to the nearest clinic.

b) Attention by specialists: THE INSURER will coordinate through helpdesk and its medical team with specialists, where indicated by emergency physicians, and bear the costs of care according to the contracted coverage.

c) Expenses for hospitalization and medical fees: THE INSURER shall bear the costs of hospitalization and medical fees incurred by the Insured Holder or traveler, because of sudden, unforeseen illness or accident during the course of the trip and while the policy is in force.

Medical and hospital Exclusions:

The following events are expressly excluded from the medical expense coverage and expenses for accidents:

1. Exacerbations of preexisting disease, congenital and / or recurrent, known or unknown to the Insured Holder or traveler, as well as its consequences and exacerbations. They will be determined by THE INSURER. It is up to INSURER to assume or not the first consultation to determine or reject the pre-existence.

2. Assistance for diseases or conditions caused by the voluntary consumption of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, narcotics or medicines obtained without a prescription.

3. Affections, injuries and their consequences or complications from treatment and care not provided by professionals from outside the medical team of the INSURER.

4. The states of pregnancy, childbirth complications thereof or termination of pregnancy, whether the pregnancy has occurred during the trip or if it was prior to commencement.

5. Any implantation, replacement and / or repair of any type prosthesis, orthopedic appliances, osteosynthesis material, hearing aids, glasses, contact lenses.

6. Transplants of any organ or tissue.

7. Mental illness, psychiatric disorders, depression or any mental or nervous disease.

8. Medical-hospital assistance if medical expenditure is carried out against the advice of a doctor.

9. Checkups or medical checkups.

10. Cosmetic treatments, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery or treatments to increase or decrease weight.

11. Treatments rehabilitation or physical therapy recovery which is not caused by an accident during the trip, and which is not established in the contracted coverage plan.

12. All types of endemic, pandemic and / or epidemic diseases.

13. Hypertension and all its consequences and derivations, and controls of blood pressure.

14. Infectious diseases, such as sleep disease, malaria, dengue, yellow fever and, in general, diseases of this nature, lightheadedness, syncope, seizures, epilepsy or epileptic.

15. Treatment of infectious diseases notifiable to health authorities to isolate or quarantine of infections caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or variants, including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) related complex or related diseases.

16. Diseases of immunological compromise, so long as this is a result of the disease or drugs used for treatment. Oncological diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, chronic kidney infections, hepatitis, etc., whether known or unknown to the Insured Holder or traveler.

17. Injury resulting from intentional actions, both in aggression as against himself, and inciting others to commit them to the detriment of the Insured Holder or traveler.

18. The injuries from practicing extreme sports.

19. Injuries resulting from direct or indirect participation in demonstrations and / or protests.

20. Injuries resulting from surgery or medical treatment caused by an accident not covered by the policy.

21. Accidents considered legally work or labor injuries, complications or sequels before, during or after completion of work tasks that the Insured Holder or traveler was exercising., Do not apply to policies sold to companies that hire services for travel for to work purposes of their dependents or employees.

4.2 Expenditure on Drugs: In case of illness or accident of the Insured Holder or traveler, THE INSURER will bear the cost of pharmaceuticals prescribed by the doctor attending him, while it is moved, and are directly related to the pathology object of the assistance, either outpatient or inpatient. The amount of this coverage is capped under the contracted coverage Plan.

4.3 Dental Expenses: THE INSURER shall bear the costs of emergency dental care following an accident or critical dental problems requiring attention, while the Insured Holder or traveler are traveling. The amount of this coverage is capped as per the Plan established under the contract. This coverage is limited only to pain, infection and tooth extraction requiring emergency treatment. The referred limit includes related drugs dental care. Are excluded from this provision the costs of prostheses or implants of any kind and endodontic treatments, eg. root canals / channels.

4.4 Emergency Medical Transportation: If during the course of the trip, the Insured Holder or traveler suffers an accident or sudden and unforeseen illness that causes a critical medical condition and treatment provided in place of hospitalization be not the most appropriate, according to the judgment of the treating physician, THE INSURER will arrange and pay the expenses of the Insured Holder or traveler medical transportation to the nearest appropriate hospital, according to the nature of the injuries or disease. THE INSURER, through its medical team will decide to what health center will move the Insured Holder or traveler depending on the situation or gravity and what is the most appropriate means of transport.

4.5 Repatriation of Injured or Sick: If during the trip the Insured Holder or traveler suffers an accident or sudden and unforeseen illness, once treated and medically treated by health professionals from the respective entity, they determine it is appropriate to suspend the regular trip and conduct a medical evacuation, THE INSURER will organize, in coordination with its medical team, moving the Insured Holder or traveler to the city of habitual residence of the Insured Holder or traveler. The medical team of the INSURER will maintain the telephone contacts necessary with the medical center and doctors attending the Insured Holder or traveler, and decide in accordance with these, the most effective means of transportation subject to the conditions of time, place and clinical status of the Insured Holder or traveler.

4.6 Moving Expense Companion (round trip): In case of hospitalization of the Insured Holder or traveler who is traveling alone and having been authorized by the medical department of the INSURER and if it exceeds five (5) days inpatient stay, the INSURER will provide the transfer of a person from the place of habitual residence of the Insured Holder or traveler, including the amount for the round trip in economy class, to the place of hospitalization. The limit for this coverage will be determined by the contracted plan.

4.7 Stay Expenses of Companion: In case the hospitalization of the Insured Holder or traveler, motivated by an accident or illness, exceeds five (5) days, the INSURER will cover hotel costs for the companion displaced and who has facilitated the transportation indicated in the previous article. The maximum amount of this coverage shall be as specified in the contracted plan. Any additional expenses for accommodation, such as alcoholic beverages, laundry, and extra services are excluded from the coverage.

4.8 Transfer / Repatriation of remains: THE INSURER will take care of all the procedures and transportation costs that require the repatriation of remains at the death of the Insured Holder or traveler during the term of its coverage, the costs of temporary coffin, and funeral expenses necessary for the repatriation of the remains to the place of burial in the country of origin, or, if necessary cremation in the place of death. It remains at the sole discretion of THE INSURER the choice of service providers to use for the transfer of remains. Payment of the expenses of burial or funeral ceremony are excluded from this guarantee. This coverage does not have a monetary limit. Transfers when death occurs and is related or due to any disease mentioned in the General Medical Exclusions are excluded from this provision.

4.9 Legal Assistance and Legal fees THE INSURER will provide legal assistance to the Insured Holder or traveler in events derived from a traffic accident. If during the trip the Insured Holder or traveler has a legal problem because of fault on a motor vehicle accident with no connection with business activities or is related to trafficking charges and / or possession of drugs, weapons, drugs, narcotics or other criminal action, THE INSURER will pay the fees of lawyers who will advise on the initial steps of defense. This coverage comprises such fees up to the value indicated in the contracted plan.

Similarly, if the Holder requires legal aid to file a claim or make demands on third parties for damages or other compensation following the accident, THE INSURER shall make available a lawyer to advise on the proposed emergency. It is established that is the sole responsibility of the Insured Holder or traveler hiring professional services, as well as payment of all fees and expenses arising from the case. In all cases the contractual relationship will be exclusively established between the Insured Holder or designated traveler and professional. THE INSURER is foreign to this relationship and has no liability whatsoever in connection with the designation, whether arising in the performance of the lawyer's work, or any other circumstance.



If the Insured traveler suffers the loss of documents, such as passports, identity cards, letters or consular permissions, THE INSURER will advise on the requirements and procedures for replacement of such documents.


THE INSURER will transmit messages, urgent or justified from the Holder, relating to any of the events covered.


If the at the request of the Insured Holder or traveler who having suffered an accident or disease caused by a preexisting condition or not, needs contact with their FAMILY DOCTOR, THE INSURER shall make available the Assistance Center to locate and cover the expenses incurred to make telephone contact.


1. In general, the following events are excluded from all coverage:

a) directly or indirectly caused by bad faith of the Insured Holder or traveler, for their involvement in criminal acts, or their grossly negligent or reckless actions.

b) The consequences of the actions of the Insured Holder or traveler in a state of mental or psychiatric treatment alienation.

c) The phenomena of extraordinary nature such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclonic storms, falling astral bodies and meteorites, and in general, any atmospheric, meteorological, seismic phenomenon or geologically extraordinary.

d) Acts arising from terrorism, riot or tumult.

e) Acts of the Armed Forces or the Law Enforcement or Security Forces.

f) Armed Conflict, with or without prior declaration, and any conflicts or international interventions using force or coercion.

g) Those arising from radioactive nuclear energy.

h) Those occurring during the Insured Holder or travelerĀ“s participation in bets, challenges or arguments.

i) Those occurring during the Insured Holder or traveler participation in competitions, sports practices, and preparatory trials or training. Unless expressly agreed coverage.

j) The practice of the following sports: motor racing and motorcycling in all its forms, big game hunting, diving with use of artificial lung, navigation in international waters in craft not intended for the public transport of passengers, horse riding, climbing, potholing, boxing, struggle in all its forms, martial arts, parachuting, ballooning, gliding, gliding, skiing and / or snow sports or similar and, in general, any sport or recreational activity of a notoriously dangerous character. Unless expressly agreed in the coverage.

k) Participation in competitions or tournaments organized by sports federations or similar organizations. Unless expressly agreed coverage.

l) The use, as a passenger or crew member, of an aircraft not authorized for public passenger transport.

2. In addition to the above exclusions, are not subject to the coverage of this policy the following benefits:

a) the services that the Insured Holder or traveler have concluded on their own without the prior consent of THE INSURER, except in cases of force majeure or urgent need, whenever it is reported within forty-eight (48) hours after the event.

b) The costs of medical and hospital care outside the territory of the Dominican Republic, even where assistance is originated in the Dominican Republic during the term of the contracted plan.

c) The death from injury caused by suicide or the aftermath.

d) The death or injuries originated, directly or indirectly, in punishable acts or intentional actions of the Insured Holder or traveler.

e) Those occurred during a trip that has started under any of the following circumstances:

1. Before the entry into force of this insurance.

2. In order to receive medical treatment.

3. After the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

4. Without prior medical authorization, having been the Insured Holder or traveler under medical treatment or control within the twelve months prior to departure.

f) Derived from the waiver or delay by the Insured Holder or traveler or persons responsible for it, proposed by THE INSURER and agreed to by its doctor shuttle service.

g) Expenses that arise once the Insured Holder or traveler is in his usual place of residence.



a) Make the phone call to request assistance and obtain authorization of the INSURER before taking any step or incurring any expenses. Telephone calls may be reverse charge, and in places where it is not possible to do so, the Insured Holder or traveler can get back the amount of calls, upon presentation of receipts. In any event, no refunds will be made for services outside the INSURER.

b) To authorize professional or medical institutions involved to reveal to the INSURER, or any of their authorized representatives, the medical history and any information necessary to effect payment of hospitalization and / or treatment, as well as examine all elements relating to them.

c) Provide documentation necessary to justify the case, in addition to all the original receipts for expenses reimbursable by THE INSURER and all medical information, including prior to the trip or of any kind that will be necessary for the INSURER to provide its services.

d) Give the INSURER or its representative all plane tickets, in cases where it is requested that THE INSURER takes over any dispute on the airline or original ticket. THE INSURER will only assume the major difference that may exist when corresponded to one of the coverages of this policy.


THE INSURER will not compromise its liability for breach of the obligations under this policy for the occurrence of events of force majeure, the apparent opposition of the Insured Holder or traveler to the execution thereof, or for delays or failures due to special administrative or political characteristics of a country.


The Insured Holder or traveler should consider the following circumstances to make use of their right to compensation:

a) The compensation established in coverage are all complementary assistance to the contracts or policies of Health, if any, the Contractor may have and which may be covering the same risk.

b) Reimbursement by the commercial transportation company corresponding to the unused ticket, but recognized by THE INSURER under the coverage for transportation or repatriation, should be reimbursed to the INSURER. Also regarding the expenses of the beneficiaries of assistance, THE INSURER will only pay the additional costs required by the event, which exceed the initially planned by the Holders.

c) The medical services and medical transportation must occur with the consent of the doctor treating the Insured Holder or traveler's from the medical team of the INSURER.

d) The Insured Holder or traveler will retain his duty to claim those benefits to which he is entitled, according to the General Social Security System or in case of any special arrangements or alternative regimes, being obliged to reinstate the INSURER those amounts to which he was entitled under this coverage.


Benefits, services, assists, rights and responsibilities under this policy are limited solely to the time for which they have been contracted. However, in case of occurrence of an accident or illness within the contracted term and which hospital recovery extends beyond, THE INSURER will recognize only the costs of hospitalization and meals incurred by the Insured Holder or traveler up to five (5) days after the expiration of the contracted term.


Once the policy is issued and before the term has started, the Insured Holder or traveler may request amendment only by written communication to the INSURER.


This policy is valid from 00:00 hours the day of the trip and so far the Insured Holder or traveler leaves the Dominican territory. this effect will correspond to the dates indicated in the Special Conditions of the policy. The Insured Holder or traveler will have a period not exceeding three hundred sixty five (365) days to use the plan after issuance of the policy. After starting the term of the policy, the same cannot be changed.


If the contracted term has expired and the Insured Holder or traveler requires to extend his time in the Dominican Republic, THE INSURER reserves the right to authorize the issuance of a new policy at the request of the Insured Holder or traveler.


In case of force majeure, THE INSURER will reimburse up to the limit of the contracted benefit that would be given to the Holder or the Insured traveler when his health prevents him from communicating with THE INSURER for authorization of the service plan; however, the Insured Holder or traveler or accompanying person shall in such cases, contact the INSURER within forty-eight (48) hours, providing information and causal event that prevented the initial communication.

In the event that the Insured Holder or traveler hire professionals or health facilities not previously authorized by THE INSURER, the following conditions must be met to qualify for reimbursement from The INSURER:

a) Communication with Central Assistance: Within forty-eight (48) hours after the event and before leaving the place thereof the Insured Holder or traveler must inform the Central Assistance of INSURER related data professional and / or contracted health facilities and the reasons which prevented him from making timely request for assistance.

b) Authorization of Central Assistance: The services contracted must be expressly authorized by the central assistance of THE INSURER and appropriate to the nature of the illness or injury incurred and other circumstances.

THE INSURER will proceed to refund the costs incurred in the following cases and situations, always within the limits established for each type of expenditure and compliance with these Terms in full:

a) When there is authorization previously granted by the Central Support of INSURER.

b) Presenting original invoices for professional or medical centers with clear indication of diagnosis, medical history intake form in case of hospitalization issued by the health care facility, details of facilities and pharmacy bills description of acquired drug, to be coincident quality and quantity with the prescribed (prescription) by the acting professional on occasion. In all cases authorization must be expressly granted by THE INSURER during the emergency. All documentation regarding request for reimbursement of expenses must be filed within thirty 30 (Thirty) days immediate termination of the validity calendar days, whichever is earlier; or in case of cancellation, the date of occurrence of the event. Presentations outside this term will not be met and the provider shall be released from all liability for reimbursement of telephone calls to the Central Assistance of the INSURER. The Insured Holder or traveler must present the original invoice, which must include the phone number that made the call. The amounts are repayable solely for cost calls to Central Assistance of the INSURER.

GROUPS: In case of compound trips made by several members (groups of school students and / or university, passengers, Institutions attending conferences or other group travel) and if during the same occurs more than one assistance, this should be informed to the Central assistance of the INSURER on each of them and in the case of reimbursement request for attendance and / or expenses authorized medicinal products are to be submitted, individually, a record of each passenger assisted with the name and policy number, written prescriptions indicated by the acting professional and proof of purchase and of pharmacies. Also, there must be attached documentation of the full list of the members of the group which requested assistance. THE INSURER may deny the request if they do not comply with these requirements.

Requests for refunds must be submitted in the offices of THE INSURER.


While a claim is pending which affects this contract, THE INSURER may request to examine the Insured Holder or traveler as often as deemed appropriate and / or prudent. The Insured Holder or traveler must provide all kinds of medical examinations and reports that are required and must sign consent forms to facilitate the INSURER their entire medical history.


THE INSURER, after any benefits, may exercise the rights and actions that because of the loss correspond to the Insured Holder or traveler against the persons responsible for I, and no such right can be exercised to the detriment of the Insured Holder or traveler. The Insured Holder or traveler shall be liable for damages that their acts or omissions may cause the INSURER in its right of subrogation.

THE INSURER is not entitled to subrogation against any of the persons whose acts and omissions giving rise to liability of the Insured Holder or traveler, according to law, or against the person causing the damage whatever with the Insured Holder or traveler, relative direct or collateral line within the third civil degree of consanguinity, adoptive parent and adopted child living with the Insured Holder or traveler. This rule will not take effect if the responsibility comes from malice or is covered by an insurance contract. In the latter case, the subrogation shall be limited in scope according to the terms of the contract.


In the event that assistance benefits covered by THE INSURER were covered by other contracts of the same nature concluded assistance at any time, to occur an event the Contractor is obliged to notify the INSURER of its existence and provide the names of that which will contribute proportionately to the costs of the services provided.


THE INSURED HOLDER or TRAVELER acknowledges, agrees and declares that INSURER is not civilly or criminally liable, under any nature, species and / or circumstance, of the following situations, this being an essential clause for the implementation of this document and is an essential condition for signing the same, namely:

For medical acts prohibited by specific laws or regulations issued by health authorities or other competent authorities, or authorized by the competent judicial authorities; medical acts performed, appliances, equipment or treatments or medications not recognized by medical science; for breach of the duty of professional secrecy by the Insured Holder or Traveler; for medical procedures that are undertaken with the purpose of providing medical care to the Insured Holder or traveler, regardless of the outcome of such medical assistance; for breach of any agreement, whether oral or written, propaganda, suggestion or promise of success by medical personnel attending the Insured Holder or Traveler which would undertake to guarantee the outcome of any medical act.


The insurance policy may be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the start date of validity with return of premium . If the policy is not canceled within the minimum time specified and indicated above, the premium will not be refunded.