Travel Agent Commissions and Discount Program for Airport Transfers

Earn commissions or discounted prices by working with Dominican Airport Transfers Travel Agents program.

Through our websites Travel Agents can offer customers the easiest, economical and fastest transport options. Our transfers are available from and to all major airports, ports, cities and Resort areas in the Dominican Republic.

With our automated booking process:
  • Travel Agents can easily book airport transfers for their customers.
  • Travel buyers can enjoy hassle-free travel to and from the airport.
  • Commissions or discounted prices on all our airport transfers.
Discounts for Travel Agencies:

If you prefer to get discounted prices just fill out the registration form below and after approval you will receive a discount code (Token) valid for 10% to be used during the booking process.

Commissions for Travel Agencies:

If you prefer to get a 10 % commissions you also need to fill out the registration form below, wait to be approved and also need the following:

  • Open a PayPal account at and send us the email from that account to send your commission via PayPal.
  • Do you prefer to receive commission via ACH? (USA only)
    If you are located inside the USA we can send your commission via an ACH deposit, pleas follow the instructions.
    Send us your business name, address, Bank name, routing number, account number, account type and email address.

Commissions will be paid when the Agency accumulate a minimum of U.S. $ 300.00 Dollars. Which means that a greater number of bookings the commission will be paid faster and you will earn more money for your pocket.

All agencies will be able to visualize in real time all the bookings that have been made and the commissions accumulated so far. DAT will provide the means for you to keep track of all your bookings and commissions.

REGISTER and you will receive a unique travel agent CODE. Use this code to get discount or commissions only on Transfers. Just insert the code on the field marked as Travel Agent and automatically will get a discounted price or your commissions will be posted on your bookings and commissions report.

If the the Travel Agent do not expect to book transfers at least once a month in a continuous basis, we suggest you do not register. The system keeps a count of the amount of reservations per account and if the agency does not have reservations in two consecutive months it will be automatically deactivated without a warning.